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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Al Balabil- The Nightingales البلابل

Al Balabil ("The Nightingales") are three singing sisters who are considered to be "The Supremes of Sudan". Their wistful harmonizing is among the most beautiful sounds that has ever graced these ears. As I've been wildly unable to track down an actual album, tape or disc by these ladies (since I don't speak Arabic), I went ahead and culled these recording from various Sudanese TV performances and ordered them here into a one-disc collection of my favorite tracks. I hope this does for you what it does for me. Pardon me, but I didn't even attempt to decipher the track names. If one of you out in webland happens to know their catalog, by all means, please help me translate the song titles.

Osha Sagira البلابل

Mashaina البلابل

Altareeg البلابل بعد العودة - الطريق

Mediafire Download Link: Al Balabil- The Nightingales (ghostcapital mix) *I originally mistranslated (via Google Translate, I beleieve) Al Abalabil as "The Hummingbirds". I have yet to correct this mistake within the file upload.