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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Baltimore- Nina Simone

"Baltimore through my lens around 1969. The photos of the police on E. Chase Street were taken the day after MLK's assassination. They were sent to protect us from us. Of course this was long before the riverfront revitilization. That is why you see a few pictures of drunks and beggars. don't think that exists downtown anymore." -Ty Waller

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Fihavanana – A Collection Of Field Recordings And Photography From Madagasikara – Mississippi Records #061

I've been steady-rocking Mississippi Records' excellent Fanajana (MSR-067) release all week long. Its a single-LP collection of field recordings and photography from Madagascar, taken in the late-90's by a fellow named Charles Brooks. Now that I'm obsessed, I've come to find out that I missed out on the ultra-limited original 3LP version; Fihavanana. Well, at least I can find some comfort in that the Rootstrata blog has made the full version available, digitally:

V/A - Fihavanana A Collection of Field Recordings and Photography from Madagasikara (3XLP)
Over a three year period in the late 1990s, Charlie Brooks embarked on two long field recording trips in Madagasikara. Brooks primarily concentrated on the more remote north and west regions of the island. Upon his return in 1999 he pressed 200 copies of a triple record and stored them under his bed for the last ten years. In anticipation of putting out a full run of a single lp version (MR-067 Fajanana) we are distributing a limited number of copies. There are three themed Lps: Vocal, Valiha Marovany and Miscellaneous Instruments. Comes with a sixteen page booklet of photography and notes.

Download Fihavanana from Rootstrata

Purchase Fanajana (MSR-067) from Midhaven