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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Wire- 1976 Demo

Who knew that Wire was once such a full-throttle punk band? Here, they're taking cues from Johnny Thunders, The Stooges and Sabbath, but upping the pace as that first wave of speed-fueled British Punk was wont to do. These guys sound like snot-nosed, shouting bastards, their vocals more akin to Dischord punk acts like Minor Threat or Government Issue than any other band I can think of from '76. Dudes are pissed. 12FU.

Download Link: Wire- 1976 Demo

A1 Prove Myself
A2 Mary Is A Dyke
A3 Bad Night
A4 Can't Stand It No More
A5 Love
A6 Midnight Train
A7 What Is This Feeling Called Love
A8 Tv
B1 Lost Boy
B2 Johnny Piss Off
B3 After Midnight
B4 Fade
B5 Bitch
B6 Roadrunner